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I love to snowboard, hike, read and spend time with my family.

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Principal Architect


I live in Denver, CO with my wife and two kids. I have recently learned that I love mowing the lawn and trimming things with a chainsaw.

I have master degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science from the University of Colorado. My last degree was the MS in Computer Science. During my studies, I focused on theory, parallel computation and computer security.

I've been in GIS since 1998. I've been with Ubisense since 2002. I've worked a lot in the past on constructing OMS applications and web-based GIS systems from the ground up. Since 2010, I have focused on the Ubisense web-based GIS platform, 'MyWorld'. I've developed across the entire software stack from the Linux OS (BASH) to the database tier (PostgreSQL, PostGIS) to the application tier (Python, Pylons, Mapfish, GeoServer, GeoWebCache) to the UI (Leaflet, jQuery, AJAX).

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