Zero to web map!


Let's go from zero to web map in a just a couple of hours.

In this tutorial session, we will use only free and openly available tools to create our first web map and post it publicly for the world to see.

After a quick primer covering the components that make up the modern web map, we will:

1. Create a custom base-map courtesy of MapBox
2. Find and publish datasets that tell a story, we're going to be extracting data from OpenStreetMap, or bring your own! (GeoJSON or Shapefile)
3. Develop a custom web map, writing all of our code in the browser!
4. Publish the web map using a publicly facing gh-pages site via GitHub.

And the kicker, we're going to do it using only what's available to us in the browser, no IDE required. Come with a computer running a modern browser and you're good to go!

This tutorial will be great for folks who have dabbled in web programming or just want to get started and see some of what you can do.

Follow the workshop site at for more information about how the workshop is structured as we update it from the last time it was presented.

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Monday, May 2, 2016 - 14:00 to 18:00