State of the QGIS Project


State of QGIS reviews new and noteworthy features for the QGIS project. This talk will cover both Desktop and Server components from version 2.14 just released by the community.

Behind the scenes, the QGIS developer community is fully committed to updating the compatibility of the QGIS codebase with the upcoming version 3.0 release, moving to the latest versions of the Qt5 toolkit and Python 3, and away from deprecated Qt4 and Python 2.

With the advent of sweeping changes in 3.0, this talk will also highlight how this may affect existing plugins and workflows and how the developers are planning to mitigate growing pains associated with this necessary adoption of newer supporting technologies, which also brings impressive capabilities to QGIS.

Attend this talk to keep informed of the current and upcoming changes with this very popular OSGeo environment for GIS. The talk will have something for everyone from casual users, current or potential plugin and core developers, and anyone curious about leveraging the awesomeness of QGIS.


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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05