Web Mapping Day

Sat, 2016-02-20 18:11

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The FOSS4G conference series is well known for excellent web mapping content. Web Mapping Day is a 1 day event featuring innovative technology and techniques at the forefront of the industry.

Web Mapping Day is a 1 day theme event that takes place on Thursday, May 5, 2015. To participate in Web Mapping Day, you require a 3 day or 4 day access pass.

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Web Mapping Day Agenda

Time Talk Speakers
9:00 10:00 Keynote
10:00 10:30 Morning Break
10:30 11:05 WTFGL: a beginner's guide to the future of open source web mapping Lyzi Diamond
11:15 11:50 Building Urban Scratchoff - An experimental technique using canvas tiles Chris Whong
11:50 13:30 Lunch
13:30 14:05 Bring Your Maps into Focus: Processing Raster Data for Online Use Megan Slemons
Jay Varner
14:15 14:50 The Contemporary Geospatial Webapp: Embracing React, Webpack, ES6, Node.js Basil Veerman
15:00 15:35 Vector Tiles with GeoServer and OpenLayers David Blasby
Andreas Hocevar

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