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Vice President, Open Source Affairs


Michael Tiemann is a true open source software pioneer.  He made his first major open source contribution nearly 30 years ago by writing the GNU C++ compiler and debugger.  His early work led to the creation of leading open source technologies and the first open source business model.  He continues to extend and apply the principles of open source to new disciplines, ranging from sustainable agriculture and environmental protection to music to sustainable energy production.

In 1989, Tiemann's technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Cygnus Solutions, the first company to provide commercial support for open source software.  During his ten years at Cygnus, Tiemann contributed in a number of roles from President to hacker, helping lead the company from fledgling start-up to an admired open source leader.  When Cygnus was acquired by Red Hat in 2000, Tiemann became Red Hat's Chief Technical Officer (CTO) before becoming its first Vice President of Open Source Affairs.  In that role Tiemann provides technology, strategy, and policy advice to executives in the public and private sectors.

Tiemann is also President of Manifold Recording (a high-end, carbon-neutral recording studio and media production facility) and The Miraverse (a music performance and production company), which he runs with his wife, Amy Tiemann. Tiemann graduated from the Moore School at the University of Pennsylvania (Class of 1986) with a BS CSE degree, and later did research at INRIA (1988) and Stanford University (1988-1989).  He is a Trustee of UNC School of the Arts (2012-present), a member of the International Advisory Board of Carolina Performing Arts (2012-present), and a founding member of the Board of Advisors for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (2006-present).

Tiemann has served on a number of boards crucial to the success of open source, including the Open Source Initiative (where he retired as President in April 2012).  Tiemann also provides financial support to organizations that further the goals of software, programmer, and digital freedom, including the Free Software Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  Tiemann has also remained active in the Creative Commons community, as both a sponsor of projects and promoter of the cause.

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