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The natural world, exercise, sci-fi, disc-golf, open-source, LAMP, Drupal, Javascript, OpenLayers 3, PostgreSQL, Geoserver, mapping, cloud hosting services/architecture, interesting ideas and anything in between,

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Full Stack Developer


I am a full stack web developer, I have been directly involved in providing technical multimedia and web development services in Portland Oregon since 1995. I moved back home to Billings MT in 2015 and have become more involved in online Map development at Rahn Land inc. a longtime client.

My own business LLC is a "One Stop Shop" for web development. From domains, email and websites to online commerce and custom functionality. Our business is built on open source software, our core development platform is the cloud based LAMP stack with the Drupal CMS. We have an eye to the future of web services, HTML5 and Javascript. 

I enjoy my family, dogs, outdoors and interesting work. I believe in Open Source Software, follow me as @BeatnikDude on Twitter or Drupal.