Michael Kieser [Tesera]

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Application of open source technologies including: Grass and Quantum GIS, GDAL, GeoTools, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Amazon Web Services, R and Python. He also has extensive experience with the latest in Safe FME, ESRI ArcGIS, Amazon Web Services, Simple Storage Service, and Elastic MapReduce. Passions include skiing, mountain biking, backpacking and canoeing with his family.

Job title

Senior System Engineer


Twenty years of multidisciplinary geospatial experience in data analysis, GIS implementation, infrastructure mapping, municipal engineering, legal and high precision surveying; and with many geospatial technologies, including: CAD, GIS, spatial data extraction/transformation/loading, relational databases, and cluster computing. Has a passion for learning, sharing, collaborating with different expertise, in order to solve problems.