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Python, Django, JS, PostGIS, Software Engineering Best Practices, Software Optimization, Democratic and Progressive Politics, Women in Tech, Reading, Lesbian Community, Cycling, Rowing, Travel

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Julie has been involved in Washington State progressive politics for a decade, and she has been programming for more than two, since high school. She got her BA in computer science and linguistics from Cornell University and subsequently worked as a software engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratories. She moved to Seattle in 2000 to get a masters in computer science at the University of Washington.

After a six month trip around the world, she returned to Seattle and got her start in politics working on the tech side of Howard Dean's presidential campaign. Her caucus-location-lookup tool was used in many states. She went on in the 2004 cycle to work in Pennsylvania for Kerry-Edwards. In 2007, she joined Voter Activation Network as their first remote employee, when their staff was less than 20 people. She left NGP VAN as a senior software engineer early in 2013 to co-found Empower Engine. Outside of politics and programming, she rows at Lake Union Crew and organizes Seattle's Lesbian Literature Meet-Up group.

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