Using GRASS GIS through Python and tangible interfaces


Come and learn about scripting, graphical and tangible (!) interfaces for GRASS GIS, the powerful desktop GIS and geoprocessing backend. We will start with the Python interface and finish with Tangible Landscape, a new tangible interface for GRASS GIS.

Python is the primary scripting language for GRASS GIS. We will demonstrate how to use Python to automate your geoprocessing workflows with GRASS GIS modules and develop custom algorithms using a Pythonic interface to access low level GRASS GIS library functions. We will also review several tips and tricks for parallelization.

Tangible Landscape is an example of how the GRASS GIS Python API can be used to build new, cutting edge tools and advanced applications. Tangible Landscape is a collaborative 3D sketching tool which couples a 3D scanner, a projector and a physical 3D model with GRASS GIS. The workshop will be a truly hands-on experience – you will play with Tangible Landscape, using your hands to shape a sand model and drive geospatial processes.

This workshop is open to beginners. There will be opportunities, however, to discuss more advanced topics tailored to individual interests in breakout sessions during the workshop.

Participants should bring laptops with GRASS GIS 7 and their favorite Python editor. Beginners may consider using the latest OSGeo-Live virtual machine.

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Monday, May 2, 2016 - 09:00 to 13:00