Transportation GeoDesign using Open Data & Select Open Source Tools.


This presentation will share the workflows and tools that are being used on transportation projects to deliver state of the practice 3D modeling technologies in a fraction of the time and budget of traditional approaches. Common programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, VBA, and VB .NET are being used to connect people and share invaluable resources. Session Resources Page Some of the industry-leading project tools which will be demonstrated in this session are D3.js, LASTools, public LiDAR and DEM data, and custom applications that integrate data assets throughout the entire life-cycle of a project.

Billions of dollars and millions of hours are spent annually on executing transportation projects using legacy processes and technologies. Our current state of technology and global networking now enables integration between GIS, CAD, and database applications, using open source data and automation in ways that far exceed these traditions. Case studies will be shared from both large and small projects alike, such as designing the 35-mile-long $1.9 billion I-94 North-South Corridor in Wisconsin, and generating public involvement visualizations for a rail enhancement project in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 17:40 to 17:55