Texas birds, fish, and water quality - My first adventure using FOSS4G to create an application visualizing data along the TX Coast


This presentation is about my first adventure in using FOSS4G web mapping technology to visualize and disseminate data. The technologies used include leaflet, mapbox, openstreetmap, bootstrap, and c3.js(charting wrapper for d3.js).

The study area is the Texas coast and includes data about birds (from Audubon Society), fish (from Texas Parks and Wildlife), and water quality (from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). This is important because the data in it's raw form is A. hard to get and B. hard to manage. Making an easy to use webmapping and charting interface provides a useful way for a non-specialist to access and learn about the data and issues.

Coming from an ArcGIS online and ArcGIS for javascript API background, I really wanted to dive into open source, and thought this project was the perfect opportunity. In addition to discussing the data and a technical review of how I combined everything and got it working, I will explore my experience and thoughts about coming over to open source, which has been overwhelmingly positive!



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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 17:40 to 17:55