Terra Populus: Free Human-Environment Spatial Data


Terra Populus is a National Science Foundation project that provides free population-environment data for the globe. Terra Populus is a next generation spatial database repository, built entirely on FOSS stack. The project focuses on the integration of heterogeneous big spatial data. When accessing Terra Populus through the web interface (data.terrapop.org) users are able to access microdata, vector, and raster datasets and transform them into the data format necessary for their work. This allows users to focus their time on analytics instead of spending time collecting datasets. Currently Terra Populus’ population database contains spatio-temporal census records for over 160 countries around the world, which can be joined to associated shapefiles. The environmental database contains temporal global raster datasets for landcover, agriculture, climate, and soils.


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Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 14:15 to 14:50


Hi David,

Thanks for submitting. This talk seems great, but I'm not sure from the abstract what it will cover. Can you add a bit of detail to the abstract to talk about what you will be covering in the talk?


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