Piazza: Enabling Government Teams to Share and Access Data in the Cloud in 2016


Groups within government enterprises face many obstacles in accessing and sharing data and services between teams and workgroups, including proprietary APIs, silo’d sources, lack of support for bringing external data stores in-house, cross-dataset search, and configurable alerting.

Furthermore, in 2016, a solution to these problems should be deployable by engineers within the team (as opposed to requiring enterprise-level rollouts), available via a simple and direct API for developers on the team, and native to the cloud for scalable performance and size.

Piazza is a new project to addressing these problems, for forward-leaning groups looking to go further than the data and support offered by their parent governmental organizations.

Unlike many data portals and SDIs, Piazza does not attempt to replace existing data access systems or store all the data internally.

Rather, Piazza augments existing data access systems by acting as a proxy or common gateway to that existing data as well as new sources.

This presentation will illustrate the unique, key features of Piazza that will benefit developers and analysts: data loading, accessing data via OGC standards, structured and unstructured searching, and pub/sub alerting, all in the cloud.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 13:30 to 14:05