pgRouting: A Crash Course


pgRouting is an extension that builds on PostGIS for performing network routing such as road navigation, hiking, and other things.

In this talk we'll give a crash course of what you can do with pgRouting with a special focus on pgRouting 2.1, and time permitting, highlights of upcoming pgRouting 2.2.

Coverage will detail:

1) Making general data routable and applying costs to data
2) Using dijkstra to determine optimal paths from one start location to one destination
or for choice travel options - one source to many destinations

3) Finding multiple paths solutions given a start and end point
Given a starting point and desired end point, what are the N least costly solutions to the problem using K-Shortest Path (KSP).
Gotchas you should watch for when using this. (K-Shortest Path (KSP) )

4) Viewing your solutions in QGIS

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 16:15 to 16:50