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You have started to hear about microservices and you want to learn more about what happens when the rubber meets the road. In this talk I will cover the process I went through in constructing http://wwww.flatfluffy.com, a multi-device application for gamified recording of roadkill. While I will briefly cover how I went about the process, I will pay particular attention to how to get started, understanding what microservices ACTUALLY needs, and how you too can be a microservices practitioner. My talk style is informal and interactive so there will be a back and forth to discuss some of your implementation questions. Come in curious, leave with some solid ideas on how to get started on your first microservice architected application.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 15:00 to 15:35


Dear Speaker, Your talk was not selected for Big Data Day this year. (aside: we may need to have Big Data Day be 2 days next year!) We have switched the track marker to Other Cool Stuff, which seemed a good fit, as this is indeed very cool stuff. Thank you for submitting such a great talk! Andrea
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