The MetaPresentation: A State and Local Government Geospatial Metadata Profile


Metadata is important. Metadata is useful. Metadata is a pain in the butt. Metadata presents a special challenge to highly productive, publicly accountable, decision-driven organizations such as state and local governments. The fiscal restrictions and high demand placed on these data shops require maximum efficiency and effectiveness. As such, the operational focus is on the production, validation, and distribution of data with little time available to document data in a standardized and robust manner.

The state of North Carolina has long recognized the need for quality geospatial metadata and has a strong history of supporting metadata training, consultation, and publication via the NCOneMap ( program. Yet, state and local agencies continue to struggle with the identification, exchange, and application of shared data resources. As such the North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council (NCGICC) established an ad hoc Metadata Committee (MC) to explore options for improving metadata creation and quality. The charge of the MC was to focus on metadata implementation -- to develop practical resources that could be incorporated into data and metadata development.

The result of this effort is the creation of a standardized state and local government geospatial metadata profile. The design criteria for the profile included:
• be applicable to both the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) legacy standard and the current International Standards Organization (ISO) suite of geospatial metadata standards.
• address the minimum requirements of both CSDGM and ISO
• support and promote the use of and transition to ISO
• be open source and operate across GIS and other geodata development applications
• be customized for key thematic communities such as municipal boundaries, parcels, and roads
• include guidance and instructions for the ingest and use of the profile with common GIS applications

Join us to learn more about the profile content, format, and current efforts to promote and educate state and local governments in North Carolina, and beyond, about profile implementation in open source solutions like CATMDEdit and QGIS. Participants should have 1) a basic understanding of geospatial metadata standards and XML and 2) a high tolerance for metadata reverence and geek humor. Eager participants can preview the profile work at:


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05