I see NoSQL document stores in geospatial applications (sponsored by IBM)


IBM Cloudant describe the geospatial tools used in their database-as-a-service offering (DBaaS). Based upon Apache CouchDB, the geospatial extensions used by IBM Cloudant rely on a number of well known open source libraries to provide geospatial indexing, query and projection support to Apache CouchDB. Presented at last years FOSS4GNA the tools are operational, and being actively supported and developed.

We present a high level architectural description of the toolset and an overview of the functionality offered. Based on experiences with it so far we also explain some useful considerations regarding application and document design for storing, updating, querying and using geospatial data with a NoSQL document store. We will wrap up with some customer examples to help application developers see how they might use the tools.

Discussion topics:
- Overview of the architecture & tools
- Best practices for building geospatial apps with NoSQL doc stores
- Use cases for leveraging geospatial capabilities of a NoSQL doc store


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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05