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Accepted is a community-based web mapping and open data platform that transforms how policy decisions are made by providing community organizations and advocates with innovative tools and methods to expose and resolve structural inequities. Communities throughout California rely on to map community conditions, demonstrate community needs, and create strategies and materials for engagement with local representatives and officials. The website democratizes access to data and GIS technology by providing an intuitive interface for constituents to map social indicators and share their resulting analysis. Users of the site can upload their own data about their communities to overlay and join with existing data, use our WikiMaps feature to catalogue community assets and threats, and collaborate with one another through personalized content-specific Group Pages.

Since its inception in 2003, has pioneered the use of open data, community-based research methods, and collaborative mapping to effectively make the case for change. The website is powered by established open-source GIS technologies including MapServer, PostGIS, and OpenLayers, and its technical foundations have evolved over the years as these projects have matured. We are currently in our sixth iteration of the site architecture, set for release in Fall 2016. This revision is built with GeoDjango and incorporates Python data capabilities and dynamic TopoJSON services with the latest improvements to our core PostGIS/WMS stack. This session highlights the key FOSS4G components of, provides examples of its real-world impacts on advocacy efforts, and delves into the most significant technical upgrades coming in the next release.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 17:40 to 17:55