GeoMesa, GeoBench, and SFCurve: Measuring and improving BigGeo performance


GeoMesa is a LocationTech project which builds on open-source, distributed databases like Accumulo, HBase, and Cassandra to scale up indexing, querying, and analyzing billions of spatio-temporal data. This presentation will discuss the state of the GeoMesa project with a focus on two other LocationTech efforts: SFCurve and GeoBench. Distributed geo-databases built on key-value stores leverage space-filling curves for indexing, and SFCurve is a library aimed at providing implementations of the basic curves and a playground for further research. GeoBench is a project designed to benchmark geo-databases. Leveraging these two libraries, we will discuss the current state of GeoMesa and point toward future development efforts.
In particular, we will address how performance scales with cluster size and impact of different space-filling curves for MapReduce ingest and Spark analysis tasks. This presentation will be of interest to data scientists, geospatial systems developers, and users of massive Spatio-Temporal datasets.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 17:00 to 17:15