Building high-res satellite imagery metadata tilesets at global scale


Even though high-res (raster) satellite imagery scenes are more readily available for viewing in online, desktop and web map applications, end-users are still struggling to find the answer to their most important question regarding the imagery: "When was this image collected?".

Using open-source geotools such as Python, node.js, github, QGIS and the Mapbox platform we were able to condense and create a simple, yet performant vector tileset which can be mashed up with the satellite imagery rasters and deliver the answer to this burning question.

This presentation will describe the end-to-end process of condensing the disparate metadata sources into a simple yet powerful vector tileset which details the date of collection (also known as imagery 'vintage'). The various open-source tools, scripts and workflows will be discussed, and the desired outcome is to provide beginners and experts-alike with a framework example for converting disparate vectors into easy-to-read vector tilesets.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 15:00 to 15:35