Balancing operations and open-source innovation in municipal government


Description: The City of Raleigh is taking a hybrid approach to implementing geospatial technology to help support existing and future delivery of city services. This session will highlight several specific challenges the city has faced/is facing and corresponding solution sets that have been considered/implemented. Specific attention will be a paid to the influence and role of open source software, open source culture, and open data.

Abstract: One of the most fascinating things about municipal government is the number of relevant and meaningful challenges that we are faced with on a day to day basis. Using the lens of technology, these challenges range from very visible opportunities like: connecting citizens to services, open data, citizen engagement, and policy communication; to more backend services like: data management, business process automation, asset management, and business intelligence.

In this presentation, we will highlight some examples where we have implemented non-traditional solutions. These examples will include:

Citizen Engagement: the development of a hybrid online map based feedback tool allowing constituents to learn about and engage around the rezoning initiative

Data Management: recent completion of a Municipal master address repository has opened up several opportunities to share and collaborate around this rich authoritative data

Open Data: Describe ways we are trying to deliver on the idea of “publish once distribute everywhere”

3D: As we continue to develop our 3D program, we are taking steps to ensure openness of data for sharing

Community Engagement: examples of how we engage with the vibrant civic hacking community both locally and abroad

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 17:20 to 17:35