Poster and Map Session

Thu, 2016-03-17 14:59

Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Location: TBA

Submitting a Poster

Submission are now closed, but we may have room for a few more. Stop by registration and ask if you're interested in displaying a poster or map at the session on Wednesday.

Information for Presenters

We provide

  • a poster board, 4 feet (48 inches) wide x 8 feet (96 inches) high (outside dimensions)
  • pins for your poster
  • attendees to marvel at your poster

You provide

  • poster(s) to of a maximum of 4 feet (48 inches) x 4 feet (48 inches)
  • presenter(s) to talk about the poster

Ordering Posters

If you're looking for a local print shop in Raleigh, we suggest one of these:

International Minute Press
221 West Martin Street
Raleigh, NC

324 S Wilmington St
Raleigh, NC

We can provide contact information for an excellent graphic designer who can work with you to create your image file; email us for this.

If you produce and bring your own artwork, we ask that your poster be no more than 4 feet (48 inches) x 4 feet (48 inches).

Onsite Process

  • We will hang your poster for you! Please bring your artwork to Registration anytime between Tuesday noon and Wednesday noon. It will be waiting for you on a pin board on Wednesday at 17:55.
  • Please remove your artwork at the end of the session; items left after 19:30 will be removed and discarded.

Questions? Email us.