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namesort descending Organization Job title Interests
mamata akella's picture mamata akella
Jim Alberque [City of Raleigh]'s picture Jim Alberque City of Raleigh Web and GIS Program Manager
Joe Allnutt [Ordnance Survey]'s picture Joe Allnutt Ordnance Survey Technology Labs Manager
Matthew Amato [Cesium]'s picture Matthew Amato Cesium Senior Software Architect data-driven visualization, temporal data, development processes, 3D, imagery, terrain, open standards
Lauren Ancona [City of Philadelphia]'s picture Lauren Ancona City of Philadelphia Senior Data Scientist Functional design, web analytics, surfing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Olympics weightlifting, and woodworking.
Paige Bailey's picture Paige Bailey
Norman Barker [IBM, Mobile First]'s picture Norman Barker IBM, Mobile First Location Architect
Todd Barr [AgTech]'s picture Todd Barr AgTech Spatial Data Scientist
Tyler Battle [Boundless]'s picture Tyler Battle Boundless
katie baynes's picture katie baynes
Steve Bennett's picture Steve Bennett
Daniel Berry [Boundless]'s picture Daniel Berry Boundless Professional Services Engineer
David Blasby [Boundless]'s picture David Blasby Boundless
Ryan Boller [NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center]'s picture Ryan Boller NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center Data Visualization Lead
Mike Botts [Botts Innovative Research]'s picture Mike Botts Botts Innovative Research genealogy, bass guitar
Maziyar Boustani [NASA JPL]'s picture Maziyar Boustani NASA JPL Data Scientist and GIS Developer
Jessica Breen [University of Kentucky]'s picture Jessica Breen University of Kentucky PhD Candidate, Geography Critical cartography & GIS, urban geography, the Geoweb and new spatial media, Street Art, Citizen Science
Will Breitkreutz's picture Will Breitkreutz
Patrick Bresnahan [Richland County, SC]'s picture Patrick Bresnahan Richland County, SC GIO
Giuseppe Broccolo [2ndQuadrant]'s picture Giuseppe Broccolo 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL and PostGIS consultant Away from his desktop, he loves to lift weights and race with his superbike.
Andrew Burnes's picture Andrew Burnes
Howard Butler [Hobu, Inc.]'s picture Howard Butler Hobu, Inc. President LiDAR, point clouds, lasers, GDAL, PDAL
Anthony Calamito [Boundless]'s picture Anthony Calamito Boundless Federal CTO All things GIS, College Football, Fishing, and Formula 1
Maggie Cawley [Boomerang Geospatial]'s picture Maggie Cawley Boomerang Geospatial
Brad Chambers's picture Brad Chambers
Stephen Christensen [mySidewalk]'s picture Stephen Christensen mySidewalk GIS Developer
Tamar Cohen [NASA Ames Research Center]'s picture Tamar Cohen NASA Ames Research Center
Joseph Conway [Crunchy Data]'s picture Joseph Conway Crunchy Data VP PostgreSQL Engineering
Sarah Cordivano's picture Sarah Cordivano Mapmaker maps, baking pies, reading, camping
Patrick Cozzi [Cesium]'s picture Patrick Cozzi Cesium Principal Graphics Architect WebGL and all things 3D
Chris Daley's picture Chris Daley Python, QGis, OSM
James Dasher's picture James Dasher
Manuel de la Calle's picture Manuel de la Calle
Ian Dees's picture Ian Dees
Lyzi Diamond [Mapbox]'s picture Lyzi Diamond Mapbox Education Team
Yi Dong [Vision Systems Inc.]'s picture Yi Dong Vision Systems Inc. Research Engineer
Rob Emanuele [Azavea]'s picture Rob Emanuele Azavea Tech Lead, GeoTrellis Scala, Big Data, functional programming, clean API development, music and all other types of art.
Jeff Essic [NC State University Libraries]'s picture Jeff Essic NC State University Libraries Data Services Librarian
Rich Fecher [RadiantBlue Technologies]'s picture Rich Fecher RadiantBlue Technologies Developer
Daniel Fenton's picture Daniel Fenton
Keith Fiske [OmniTI]'s picture Keith Fiske OmniTI Database Administrator
Tyler Garner [Prominent Edge]'s picture Tyler Garner Prominent Edge Co-Founder
Jody Garnett [Boundless]'s picture Jody Garnett Boundless Community Lead
Michael Gerlek [RadiantBlue]'s picture Michael Gerlek RadiantBlue
Steve Gifford [mousebird consulting inc]'s picture Steve Gifford mousebird consulting inc software engineer Mobile, geospatial, geospatial on mobile. Also mobile.
Julie Goldberg [Empower Engine]'s picture Julie Goldberg Empower Engine Principal Python, Django, JS, PostGIS, Software Engineering Best Practices, Software Optimization, Democratic and Progressive Politics, Women in Tech, Reading, Lesbian Community, Cycling, Rowing, Travel
Diego Gomez-Deck's picture Diego Gomez-Deck