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Anthony Calamito [Boundless]'s picture

Anthony Calamito [Boundless]

Federal CTO

Anthony is the Federal CTO for Boundless. In his role Anthony helps guide the overall technical strategy for the company and serves as a bridge between customers and engineering to ensure development tasks and enhancements are documented and properly meet customer requirements. In addition, Anthony helps to identify and qualify business development opportunities, as well as develop marketing materials in conjunction with overall marketing message framework.

Anthony is also a LocationTech Steering Committee member, an adjunct instructor at George Mason University, and an American Geographical Society Fellow. Anthony received his Bachelors of Science in geography with a focus on GIS from The Pennsylvania State University.

All things GIS, College Football, Fishing, and Formula 1
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Kate Chapman [Cadasta Foundation]


Kate leads the Cadasta Foundation's technology team and strategy. She is recognized as a leader in the domains of open-source geospatial technology and community mapping, and an advocate for open imagery as a public good. Over the past 15 years she’s worked on geospatial problems of all kinds, including tracking malaria outbreaks, mapping private residences for emergency response, and even analyzing imaginary items used in geospatial games.

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Sarah Cordivano


Sarah has been heavily involved in the geospatial community for many years. Her technology interests include increasing data accessibility and building community around open data and mapmaking.

Sarah enjoys baking, reading and traveling. She is the founder and co-organizer of GeoPhilly, a local Philadelphia meetup for map enthusiasts.

maps, baking pies, reading, camping
Katherine Cotney [Spatial Analysis, Inc.]'s picture

Katherine Cotney [Spatial Analysis, Inc.]

Lead Consultant

Katherine Cotney is the lead consultant for Spatial Analysis, Inc. She has worked in non-profit, utilities, architect & engineering firms, and private business before starting her own Desktop Services firm in 2011. Kathi earned her degree in Communications from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and her GIS Certificate from Sanford University. She volunteers for several professional organizations in order to advance the GIS profession, and previously served on the GISCI’s GISP review committee to help certify her fellow professionals. As part of her volunteer work, Kathi co-founded Triangle Area GIS (TAG), a professional networking site for GIS professionals in the triangle region with over 250 members.

gardening, reading, writing, volunteering, and making soap.
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Patrick Cozzi [Cesium]

Principal Graphics Architect

Patrick is the Principal Graphics Architect at Analytical Graphics, Inc., where he leads the development of Cesium, an open-source JavaScript library for creating web-based 3D globes and 2D maps. Patrick is the coauthor of 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes, editor of WebGL Insights, and coeditor of OpenGL Insights. He works with Khronos on open-standards for 3D content on the web. He is a frequent presenter at FOSS4G and SIGGRAPH. Patrick teaches GPU Programming and Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also received a master's degree in computer science.

WebGL and all things 3D
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Rob Emanuele [Azavea]

Tech Lead, GeoTrellis

Rob Emanuele is a software developer at Azavea, and is the project lead for the GeoTrellis project.

Scala, Big Data, functional programming, clean API development, music and all other types of art.
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Randal Hale [North River Geographic Systems, Inc]


Own North River Geographic Systems, Inc. Cats, GIS, Canoes, and other insanity.

qgis, data, python, postgis, postgresql, cats.
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Doug Newcomb


Doug Newcomb has a BS in Geography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , and an MA in Geography from the "University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Doug has used a mixture of open source and proprietary software for mapping and spatial analysis during his career with the federal government and for fun at home.

Doug is also a charter member of OSGeo and is active in the local GIS community in North Carolina.

Landscape LiDAR data analysis , drones, databases
Regina Obe [Paragon Corporation]'s picture

Regina Obe [Paragon Corporation]

Co-Founder Paragon Corporation

Regina is the co-founder of Paragon Corporation,  a web application development company. They use PostgreSQL and PostGIS extensively in their practice. 

Regina is a member of the PostGIS and GEOS project steering committees and development team and a member of the pgRouting team. She also maintains the PostgreSQL Windows application stackbuilder extension for PostGIS and pgRouting.

She is a co-author of several books with her husband. 

  • PostGIS In Action (1st and upcoming 2nd edition) (Manning Publications)
  • PostgreSQL: Up and Running (1st and upcoming 2nd edition) (O'Reilly Media)
  • pgRouting A Practical Guide in progress - due out some time 2016 (LocatePress)
PostGIS, PostgreSQL, MapServer, OpenLayers, pgRouting
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Sara Safavi [Hart Safavi LLC]

Software Developer

Sara Safavi is a software developer with a geohabit in Austin, TX. She specializes in helping clients looking for cost-effective, “real-world” solutions hybridizing open source technologies with existing platforms. Sara also organizes two local community groups: Austin Open Source GIS & PyLadiesATX. She’s also frequently found teaching workshops — primarily Python and/or GIS-centric ones — and evangelizing all the open source geo-things.

open source, Python, community building, good beer