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David Abernathy [Warren Wilson College]


I teach a course in open source GIS at Warren Wilson College. I have a textbook coming out in the fall that focuses on the use of FOSS for collecting and visualizing geodata:

open source GIS, IoT, geoweb

Jim Alberque [City of Raleigh]

Web and GIS Program Manager

Joe Allnutt [Ordnance Survey]

Technology Labs Manager

Technology Labs Manager at Ordnance Survey

Matthew Amato [Cesium]

Senior Software Architect

Matt is a Senior Software Architect at Analytical Graphics, Inc., where he helped start Cesium, an open-source JavaScript library for creating web-based 3D globes and 2D maps.

data-driven visualization, temporal data, development processes, 3D, imagery, terrain, open standards

Lauren Ancona [City of Philadelphia]

Senior Data Scientist

Lauren Ancona joined the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Information and Technology last year as a Data Scientist on the Open Data team.

Functional design, web analytics, surfing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Olympics weightlifting, and woodworking.

Norman Barker [IBM, Mobile First]

Location Architect

Norman Barker is a specialist in geospatial data discovery and dissemination. He has spent his career managing and developing geospatial products.

Todd Barr [AgTech]

Spatial Data Scientist

Recovering Beltway Bandito bringing GIS and Data Science to the precision ag community. Its so much more than drones.

Tyler Battle [Boundless]

Peter Batty [Ubisense]

CTO Geospatial

Peter is currently working on enterprise web and mobile geospatial applications, based on open source foundations including PostGIS, GeoServer and Leaflet.

Frank Bau

Dana Bauer [Planet Labs]

Dana Bauer is a geographer and programmer. She works on open data projects at Planet Labs.

Andrew Baumgartner

Jeremy Baynes

katie baynes

Jim Bellenger

Steve Bennett

Luis Bermudez [OGC]

David Blasby [Boundless]

Brandon Blount

Ryan Boller [NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center]

Data Visualization Lead

Andy Bottman []

Full Stack Developer

I am a full stack web developer, I have been directly involved in providing technical multimedia and web development services in Portland Oregon since 1995.

The natural world, exercise, sci-fi, disc-golf, open-source, LAMP, Drupal, Javascript, OpenLayers 3, PostgreSQL, Geoserver, mapping, cloud hosting services/architecture, interesting ideas and anything in between,

Brad Bottoms

Mike Botts [Botts Innovative Research]

Project Manager for Author of OGC SensorML and SWE Common Data and team member for OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE).

genealogy, bass guitar

Michelle Bradburn

Jessica Breen [University of Kentucky]

PhD Candidate, Geography
Critical cartography & GIS, urban geography, the Geoweb and new spatial media, Street Art, Citizen Science

Eric Brelsford

Patrick Bresnahan [Richland County, SC]


Nicholas Buchanan [PrecisionHawk]

Director of Software, LATAS

Andrew Burnes

Kenneth Burnett

Howard Butler [Hobu, Inc.]


Howard Butler is an open source software developer who has been active in many FOSS4G projects including GDAL, MapServer, proj.4, libgeotiff, libspatialindex, and PDAL.

LiDAR, point clouds, lasers, GDAL, PDAL

Will Cadell

James Cajka

Anthony Calamito [Boundless]

Federal CTO

Anthony is the Federal CTO for Boundless.

All things GIS, College Football, Fishing, and Formula 1

Matthew Caldwell

Susan Carl

Luis Carrasco

Nathan Casler [CyberGIS ]

Research Programmer

Nathan Casler is a Research Programmer at the CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digitial and Spatial Studies.

Data Intensive applications, High Performance Computing, Computational Geometry and Easy-to-use mapping applications.

Daniel Ceregatti

Brad Chambers

Sarah Chow

Stephen Christensen [mySidewalk]

GIS Developer

Scott Clark

Tamar Cohen [NASA Ames Research Center]

With a background in software engineering and fine art, Tamar works with NASA Ames' Intelligent Robotics group to bridge the gap between robots and humans.

Joseph Conway [Crunchy Data]

VP PostgreSQL Engineering

Joe Conway is an innovative leader with broad experience in a wide array of disciplines and extensive international business exposure.

Sarah Cordivano


Sarah has been heavily involved in the geospatial community for many years. Her technology interests include increasing data accessibility and building community around open data and mapmaking.

maps, baking pies, reading, camping

Katherine Cotney [Spatial Analysis, Inc.]

Lead Consultant

Katherine Cotney is the lead consultant for Spatial Analysis, Inc.

gardening, reading, writing, volunteering, and making soap.

Patrick Cozzi [Cesium]

Principal Graphics Architect

Patrick is the Principal Graphics Architect at Analytical Graphics, Inc., where he leads the development of Cesium, an open-source JavaScript library for creating web-based 3D globes and 2D maps.

WebGL and all things 3D